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First Career Day at CMS

Cinnaminson Middle School is having our first Career Day on May 1, 2019. We are asking for any parents/family members/community members who are interested in presenting a 25-30 minute discussion on his/her career. We are looking for STEM (science, technology, engineering, mathematics) careers, law enforcement, medical professions, lawyers, military personnel, construction workers, union workers, politicians, or anyone else that can share information about his/her career. Please share your schooling/training, activities that you do as part of your job, responsibilities you have, skills you need, or any other information that you feel is relevant.

Please be prepared to present your information 3-4 times to different groups of students. Feel free to incorporate hands-on activities, powerpoints, or material that you feel would interest middle school students. You will need to be available from 8:30am-10:30am or 12:30pm - 2:30pm on May 1st.

We ask that volunteers fill out the registration form below. We are interested in approximately 35-40 presenters. Please fill out the form to register no later than February 1st. Due to time constraints, not all volunteers will be utilized. We will let you know by March 1st if you have been chosen to participate. Feel free to reach out to Shelly Garbe at CMS at or ext. 4995 with any questions.

Thank you for your interest.

Career Day Committee

Source: registration form