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Athletic Director Contact

Mr. Jason Meile, CMS Athletic Director/Assistant Principal

[email protected]

Mr. Meile is entering his nineteenth year at Cinnaminson Twp Public Schools and his first year as part of the middle school administration team. Coaching soccer, basketball and running intramurals at the high school level has left a lasting impact on his philosophy for the lessons learned on the field/court. Mr. Meile is a resource for the student athletes and parents/guardians in regards to interscholastic sports and competitions. 

The athletic department is excited for the 2022-23 school/sports year. Students are encouraged to get involved and tryout for the various sports teams offered during the three separate seasons. The coaches of the sports can be found on the athletics page. Please contact them directly with specific questions about meetings, practice times and special circumstances. The athletic department strongly feels that learning to commit to a team, increasing the amount of practice time, getting coached by a new individual and playing some different opponents  is an effective way to develop as not only as an athlete but more importantly as an individual. Though many of our teams may have limited spaces, we are one of the few middle schools in the area that offer two levels for most sports. Finding a role on a team is a skill that will apply to their life and how they can make a living. In addition, intramural sports are always an option if your daughter or son would like to be involved in athletics to develop skills and coordination.