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Counseling Department
856-786-8012 ext. 4883

Lynda Colella - M.A.
School Counselor (6th & 7th Grades),, ext. 4897

Gwen Luecke - M.A.
School Counselor (8th & 9th Grades),, ext. 4898

Bill Sinn - MSW
School Social Worker / Anti-Bullying Specialist,, ext. 4871

Rose Adams
Counseling Secretary,, ext. 4883

State Testing

State testing is conducted yearly and provides current academic performance levels of our students.

Homework Request

If a student is absent for two or more days, please contact the Counseling Office at 786-8012 ext. 4883 to request assignments. Teachers are given 24 hours to prepare assignments. Parents should make arrangements to pick up assignments at the Counseling Office.

Parent/Teacher Conferences

Parent/Teacher conferences should be scheduled through the Counseling Office. Conferences can be scheduled at any point in the school year and can be requested by parents or teachers. Conferences are not held twice a year as they are at the elementary level.


At times students struggle or fall behind academically. Tutoring can be an effective method of intervention to improve a student's skills. Tutors for 6th and 7th grade students can be obtained by contacting Lynda Colella, School Counselor, at 856.786.8012 x4897 or Tutors for 8th grade students can be obtained by contacting Gwen Luecke, School Counselor, at 856.786.8012 x4898 or  Tutors are approved by the Board of Education and are paid a per-hour rate by the parent.