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Course Selection

Course Selection for 8th Grade Students

8th grade teachers will make academic course recommendations for the following school year based on a student's current course average.  Recommendations are based on the parameters set by each department at the high school and can be found in the Course Selection Guide, which will be available below.   
Mrs. Luecke and Mrs. Colella will meet with 8th grade students to explain the course selection process  and discuss the high school experience.  
  •  The Freshmen Course Selection Guidelines (pdf below)
  • The Athletics & Activities List (pdf below)
  • The Course Planning Worksheet (pdf below)
Course Selection & Academic Advisement Information Night will be held for parents in the evening usually within the second week of February, when counselors will explain the course selection process and provide necessary information about the high school.  Supervisors will also be available for answering any specific questions at the conclusion of the presentation.  If you are unable to attend the meeting, the presentation is available below.
February / March
Mrs. Luecke and Mrs. Colella will meet with all 8th grade students to review their 9th grade course recommendations and review their elective choices.  They will also go over graduation requirements.
8th grade teachers will update the academic high school course recommendations based on students' final year grade averages as well as any other parameters set by the department supervisors.
Schedules are released via Genesis Parent Portal during the summer.  High School Counselors will have limited hours during the month of August to address scheduling concerns.