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Welcome to the Cinnaminson Middle School Health Office

Danielle Black
Certified School Nurse-NJ
Cinnaminson Middle School
312 N. Forklanding Rd
Cinnaminson NJ 08077
Phone: 856-786-8012 ext 4894
Fax: 856-786-1877

All 6th grade students are required to show proof of two new required immunizations, TDAP and the meningococcal vaccine. Documentation must be provided prior to the start of school in September.

All physical forms, medication forms, etc. should be dropped off to the nurse's office prior to the first day of school. 

Private sports physical forms should be dropped off by August 15th - forms must be reviewed (returned if they are incomplete), and signed off by the school physician before the student is permitted to start practice. Furthermore, if the student requires emergency medication (asthma inhalers, epipens.etc.) the forms MUST be attached to the physical for the doctor to review.


If parents have any medical information they would like to share with the nurse, please forward the information to x. The nurse cannot share any medical information without consent from the parent. If the parent chooses to share information with staff via electronic email, please include the nurse’s email address so that the information can be added to your child’s medical file. 

If you wish to have your child's emergency medical information shared with transportation, please fill out the "emergency transportation plan" and return it to the nurse.

Medication forms and physical forms can be downloaded to the left off of the CMS website. The nurse can administer medication ONLY if the medication permission form is filled out by the student’s physician. This includes over the counter medications. Students are NOT permitted to carry cough drops - they are available in the nurse's office. All students are strongly encouraged to self administer their emergency medication. Students who have permission to carry and self administer their emergency medication MUST have their medication with them daily. Students (whose parent/guardian request an epipen delegate) must remain with the assigned epipen delegate during school functions including after school activities, field trips, etc. If you have any questions, please contact the school nurse.

Cinnaminson Middle School is concerned with the safety and well being of all its children. During school hours a nurse is on duty to provide assessments, first aid, emergency care and medication administration. There is no nurse available during before-school and after-school programs and organized activities (e.g. sports, clubs). If an emergency arises, staff will activate the emergency medical system and the student will be transported to the nearest hospital. Students with special health needs are strongly encouraged to carry necessary emergency medication (e.g. inhalers, epipens) and the medication forms for the self administration of emergency medication in life-threatening situations are available on the CMS website and from the nurse's office. If your child requires specific assistance during an after school event please contact your child's school nurse for guidance.

According to the student handbook, "When a student is ill or injured, a medical excuse will be accepted. Student who are unable to participate in class for a period of THREE consecutive days or more must present a doctors' note in advance to the school nurse".

Students are recommended to have a physical when they enter grades K, 4, 8, and 10 and all new students. Due to a revision April 2001 in NJ Administrative Code 6A, student "physical exams shall be performed by each student's personal physician". Please schedule early as doctor’s office appointments fill up quickly over the summer.