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Contact Information

Garwood W. Bacon

Project Challenge Coordinator/Instructor

[email protected]

Project Challenge is an enrichment program offered to Cinnaminson Township students in grades 2 - 8 who are identified for gifted and talented services.

NAGC’s definition of giftedness 

Students with gifts and talents perform - or have the capability to perform - at higher levels compared to others of the same age, experience, and environment in one or more domains. They require modification(s) to their educational experience(s) to learn and realize their potential. Student with gifts and talents: 

  • Come from all racial, ethnic, and cultural populations, as well as all economic strata. 
  • Require sufficient access to appropriate learning opportunities to realize their potential. 
  • Can have learning and processing disorders that require specialized intervention and accommodation. 
  • Need support and guidance to develop socially and emotionally as well as in their areas of talent. 
  • Require varied services based on their changing needs.


There are multiple criteria that may be used to identify students who require gifted and talented services. These include:

  • Aptitude Assessments
  • Achievement Assessments (Grade Level Benchmarks and State Testing)
  • Recommendations (Teacher, Parent, Self)
  • Evidence of Performance
  • Checklists, Portfolios

Selection Process:

All students will be screened at the end of 5th Grade for the Cinnaminson Middle School Project Challenge Program.  Note: Prior acceptance in the elementary program does not guarantee acceptance at the middle school level.  All transfer students will be screened at the end of the 1st and 3rd marking periods on a rolling basis.  Once a student is identified for the program, they will not have to be rescreened for the duration of their time at CMS. However, if students struggle academically, the placement may be reevaluated for the best interest of the student.

Enrichment Timeline (Project Challenge 2-8)


All 2nd Grade Students are administered the CogAT Screener.  Students who score as possibly Gifted on the CogAT will be administered the SAGES-4.


Welcome letters are sent to 2nd Grade Project Challenge Students.

End of Marking Period 1: Screen Transfer students

End of Marking 2(Rush/New Albany) 3 (Middle School): Screen Transfer students


All 5th Grade students are administered the CogAT Screener (online). Students who score as possibly Gifted on the CogAT will be administered the SAGES-4 (paper).


Welcome letters are sent out.  If a parent wishes to decline the invite they should contact the Project Challenge Coordinator via email.

Challenge Identification:

A parent/guardian who wishes to challenge their child’s placement must first send their concerns in an email or letter to the building principal.  This will begin the reevaluation process.  The process may include an I&RS meeting, rescreening and/or evidence of student’s work (portfolio).  The parent/guardian will be notified of the final decision once all evidence has been reviewed.