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Team/Coach Information

Season Sport Coach Email
  Girls Soccer  Mr. Bill Sinn [email protected]
  Girls Soccer  Ms. Shannon Morris [email protected]
  Boys Soccer  Mr. Mike Noble [email protected]
  Boys Soccer  Mr. Will Welcher [email protected]
Field Hockey 
Mrs. Maria Aguado [email protected]
  Field Hockey  Mrs. Jackie O'Flynn [email protected]
  Cross Country Mr. Mike McMullen [email protected]
  Cross Country Mr. Marc Pelerin [email protected]
  Cross Country Mrs. Maria Treharne [email protected]
  Girls Basketball Mr. Will Welcher [email protected]
  Girls Basketball Ms. Shannon Morris [email protected]
Winter Boys Basketball Mr. Mike Noble [email protected]
  Boys Basketball Mr. Jason Carroll [email protected]
  Wrestling Mr. Doug Lynch [email protected]
  Wrestling Mr. Dan McDonald [email protected]
  Softball Ms. Nuran Onal [email protected]
  Softball Ms. Shannon Morris [email protected]
  Baseball Mr. Bill Sinn [email protected]
  Baseball Mr. Mike Noble [email protected]
Spring Girls Lacrosse Mrs. Maria Aguado [email protected]
  Girls Lacrosse Ms. Moira Lafferty [email protected]
  Track and Field Mr. Marc Pelerin [email protected]
  Track and Field Mrs. Maria Treharne [email protected]
  Track and Field Ms. Dana Ranere [email protected]
  Track and Field Mr. Mike McMullen [email protected]